Spotlight on the UCLA SPINLab

Jon Aurnou’s Simulated Planetary Interiors Laboratory —SPINLab—studies how the rotation of planets shapes the flow of fluids in their atmospheres and cores. By investigating fluid dynamics with state-of-the-art devices and numerical simulations, the SPINLab team interpret magnetic fields and jet systems on gas planets. Most recently, they used of an enormous spinning garbage can to […]

Four students in Nelson Lab group photo

The Making of a Scientist: The Nelson Group

Under the guidance of a dynamic new faculty member, three Chemistry & Biochemistry graduate students have been published in Science. Alex Bagdasarian, Stasik Popov, and Brian Shao got to know each other very well after hour upon hour of experimentation in their lab, arms encased in thick rubber as they worked on highly volatile chemicals within […]

Andrea Ghez Black Hole Apocalypse event recap January 2018

  On January 19, 2018, more than 600 UCLA alumni, supporters, and friends gathered at UCLA’s Luskin Center for a special presentation of the NOVA | PBS special “Black Hole Apocalypse” featuring professor Andrea Ghez, who holds the Lauren B. Leichtman and Arthur E. Levine Chair in Astrophysics and directs the UCLA Galactic Center Group. NOVA […]

Faculty emeriti and spouses at the 2018 brunch honoring their work

Physical Sciences celebrates its emeriti

Celebrating the contributions of our faculty emeriti Our departments could not be among the best in the world without the dedicated faculty who lead the research and student experiences within those departments. We benefit most from the experience that is shared by our emeriti faculty, and celebrate their continued presence within the division at an […]

Heather Maynard, Dr. Myung Ki Hong Endowed Chair in Polymer Science

The Maynard Group creates new polymeric materials to address unmet needs in medicine, while simultaneously educating the next generation of scientists. UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry Professor Heather Maynard is a professor of organic chemistry at UCLA, Director of the Chemistry Biology Interface Training Program, and Associate Director of Technology and Development for the California NanoSystems […]

Dr. Myung Ki Hong Endowed Chair in Polymer Science

Myung Ki “Mike” Hong donated $2 million toward the establishment of two endowed chairs in UCLA’s department of chemistry and biochemistry. The gift created the Dr. Myung Ki Hong Endowed Chair in Polymer Science and the Dr. Myung Ki Hong Endowed Chair in Materials Innovation. Both chairs support scientific research with applications ranging from regenerative […]

jasper kok

The problem with dust

The Problem with Dust: An Atmospheric & Oceanic Studies professor tackles big questions with tiny particles It’s in the air, it’s on your car, it gets up your nose. It’s been with us for eons, and it’s not going away anytime soon. It’s dust, and we need to understand it better to battle climate change. […]