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The aspiring scientists, pioneers, and change makers at
UCLA’s Division of Physical Sciences dare to dream the unimaginable. We are the engine for real-world advances in the physical sciences that positively affect our lives in so many ways.
The contributions of our 5,200 students and 200+ faculty across six departments and numerous institutes enrich the intellectual, social, and economic vibrancy of Los Angeles and beyond. Seven out of the eight UCLA faculty Nobel Laureates hail from the Division of Physical Sciences. Our research at UCLA serves as the basis for discovery and innovation, stimulating our state, national, and global economy in the process.
Join us in reimagining what is possible.

Partnership Opportunities

The UCLA Division of Physical Sciences Corporate Partners Program (CPP) provides industry partners with many meaningful engagement opportunities:

Access to Leadership

Partnerships with Physical Sciences, particularly at the Dean’s Advisory Level, provide access to our roster of esteemed faculty and industry leaders, like 2020 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, Professor Andrea Ghez. Learn about the latest advancements directly from the experts.

Collaborate on Research

Our faculty continue to make valuable contributions to industry with the discovery of lifesaving drugs, the creation of safer and higher-powered batteries, and expert analysis to solve business problems using data science. Take your organization to new heights by leveraging their expertise.

Recruit Top Talent

Our degree programs are leading workforce development in areas with vast commercial research potential, such as Quantum Science and Plasma Technology. Graduates of our spectacular degree programs are highly sought after for their commercial driven and in-depth research areas, skills, and knowledge. Industry applications for Physical Science degrees are bountiful: environmental and health science, Space, education, business consulting, engineering, energy, real estate, finance, accounting, government and technology.

Invest in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Partner with our division in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our diverse student body enhances the ideation and innovation of our esteemed Physical Sciences program. Advance innovation by investing in one of our signature DEI initiatives, for example, the Bridge Program or environmental justice.

Sponsor Educational Events

Elevate your business profile at one of the many well-attended educational events organized annually by UCLA Physical Sciences, such as Exploring your Universe, which brings 10,000 guests to campus each fall.

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