Giving to UCLA Physical Sciences

We are the engine for real-world advances in the physical sciences that positively affect our lives in so many ways.

Our research at UCLA serves as the basis for discovery and innovation, stimulating our state, national, and global economy in the process. Our world-class reputation for excellence in teaching and research is bolstered by collaboration all across campus among researchers in the life sciences, medicine, and engineering.

Maintaining UCLA’s position as a world leader in the physical sciences is of the utmost importance in order to reap the benefits of our research and speed the pace of discovery, for the benefit of all of society. Yet state funding for UCLA continues its downward trend, and there is renewed urgency to invest in UCLA physical sciences.
I have identified four philanthropic priorities that, with your generous support, will enable us to expand the boundaries of knowledge and continue educating the most promising young scientists who will make the groundbreaking discoveries of tomorrow.

Your gift, regardless of its size, will have an impact, so I hope you will consider investing in the faculty, students, and research of the UCLA Physical Sciences.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miguel A. García-Garibay
Dean of Physical Sciences

The value of your support

Gifts contribute to the world-class education that students receive within the Physical Sciences at UCLA. These funds fuel critical efforts prioritized by the dean:

Unique giving opportunities

The UCLA Planetarium

The Center for Diverse Leadership in Science

Data Theory studies at UCLA

Matching Gift Program

Recent Giving News

Make a Match

UCLA Physical Sciences Dean Miguel García-Garibay is dedicating resources to inspire others to give through the Physical Sciences Matching Gift Program, aimed at significantly transforming the future of UCLA Physical Sciences through endowed support. We recognize the urgency to address social justice priorities and the critical need to increase the diversity of our faculty, staff, and student body. A broader pool of talent fosters greater scientific accomplishments and empowers underrepresented communities that significantly benefit our society. As a commitment to these efforts, gifts in support of diversity, equity, and inclusion will be considered at a more significant match.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity

Qualifying gifts of $100,000 to $1 million to any Physical Sciences endowment aimed at increasing diversity, equity and inclusivity within the division will be matched at 100%.

Other Endowments

Qualifying gifts of $100,000 to $1 million to all other Physical Sciences endowments will be matched at 50%.

Contact Brooke Sanders at 310.903.6521 or to discuss details.

Ways to give

Giving to UCLA Physical Sciences is as unique as the alumni and friends who make these contributions to our students, faculty, programs, and resources. Avenues include annual gifts, endowments that live on in perpetuity, corporate matches, foundational grants, and bequests or other planned gifts.

Our Development staff

Our Development staff welcomes the opportunity to talk about your giving plans. Feel free to reach out to them to begin a discussion about leaving your own legacy as a Physical Sciences donor.

Brooke Sanders
Executive Director of Development

Amber Buggs
Director of Development

Rachel Scott Foster
Director of Development

Loida De Leon
Senior Associate Director of Development

Madeleine Martin
Associate Director of Development