The UCLA SPACE Institute

The Dawn of a New Era

The SPACE Institute is a transdisciplinary and inter-departmental UCLA community of faculty, researchers and students seeking to elevate space science through fundamental space physics research, technological innovations, holistic education and engagement with the public and space sector. For decades, UCLA has advanced space science, planetary exploration and technological innovation. 

Bruins have discovered mechanism response for space weather near Earth and used machine learning to understand and better predict it; pinned down the precise length of a day on Venus; found evidence of a liquid ocean below the icy crust of Jupiter’s moon Europa; reported the farthest active comet and most distant star ever observed; discovered the supermassive black hole at the center of the our galaxy; operate the ground-penetrating radar on NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover mission, and so much more.  

We are leading the way. 

In light of the unprecedented investment in the space sector from government and industry, UCLA is well positioned as the #1 public university in the nation to engage our outstanding talent pool to take advantage of this moment. Together, through the UCLA SPACE Institute, we strive to capitalize on this grand opportunity to empower our students to be pioneers in this industry, forge meaningful partnerships between faculty, researchers and industry partners, and contribute in significant ways to the thriving space sector in Southern California, across the country and beyond.