Chemistry, Crystals, and Quantum Science

This landmark research represents a major step in the growth of solid-state chemistry and, in turn, new applications of quantum science research.

A New Mathematical Modeling to Produce Capillaries

Professor Marcus Roper and recent grad Yujia Qi used zebra fish embryo for their work. Previous models had treated blood as a homogeneous fluid, and could not make any network that contained loops, even one as simple as the zebrafish’s.

A major step toward ultrafast magnetism-based computers

The achievement could be a step toward computer memory using ultrafast phenomena that happen on the order of billionths of a second.

Biology’s Lost Children

What are viruses, really? And where did they come from? UCLA’s Chemistry and Biochemistry department is pushing the boundaries of virology, and helping to answer that question once and for all.

Novel AI Model Brings Together Computational and Medical Science

Professor Ying Nian Wu and his colleagues designed two new approaches to better optimize drug design

UCLA receives $1 million NSF grant to develop quantum sensors

Researchers aim to measure and understand atmospheric and aerosol chemistries that standard atmospheric sensors cannot detect

David Leibrandt Wins Moore Foundation Award to Push the Boundaries of Particle Physics

The work supports UCLA’s ongoing leadership in Quantum Science and Technology

Planetary defense test deflected an asteroid but unleashed a boulder swarm

UCLA-led study of NASA’s DART mission determines that the strategy presents previously unanticipated risks