UCLA receives $1 million NSF grant to develop quantum sensors

Researchers aim to measure and understand atmospheric and aerosol chemistries that standard atmospheric sensors cannot detect

David Leibrandt Wins Moore Foundation Award to Push the Boundaries of Particle Physics

The work supports UCLA’s ongoing leadership in Quantum Science and Technology

Planetary defense test deflected an asteroid but unleashed a boulder swarm

UCLA-led study of NASA’s DART mission determines that the strategy presents previously unanticipated risks

UCLA-led study explains how one of Saturn’s moons ejects particles from oceans beneath its surface

Although it is relatively small, Enceladus — the sixth largest of Saturn’s 83 moons — has been considered by astronomers to be one of the more compelling bodies in our solar system. Enceladus stands apart from other celestial bodies because of both its appearance and its behavior. It has the whitest and most reflective surface […]

A mysterious object is being dragged into the supermassive black hole at the Milky Way’s center

For two decades, scientists have observed an elongated object named X7 near the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way and wondered what it was. Was it pulled off a larger structure nearby? Was its unusual form the result of stellar winds or was it shaped by jets of particles from the […]

UCLA study finds that if physical distancing measures are relaxed too soon, efforts may have been all for naught

Andrea Bertozzi, distinguished professor of mathematics, joined a team of other mathematicians and scientists to compare the results of three mathematical models of disease transmission that they used to analyze data from local and national governments. The models all highlight the dangers of relaxing public health measures too soon. The study, published in the journal […]

UCLA physicists overcome challenges to make new materials with optimized properties

Ni Ni, a UCLA associate professor of physics, and her research team reported the discovery of the first intrinsic ferromagnetic topological insulator. They also reported in Nature Communications their discovery of an intrinsic magnetic topological insulator early this year. “We are quite excited about these two sequential discoveries, which provide new material systems to explore new […]