Tears of Wine

For almost as long as people have been drinking wine, they’ve been wondering about a curious phenomenon: the tears of wine. Andrea Bertozzi, UCLA professor of mathematics, and her research team have found a new way to explain why and how this happens.  After wine is poured into a glass and swirled, a thin film […]

UCLA Physical Sciences Centennial Awards

Division of Physical Sciences Centennial Awards

An inaugural celebration of world-class research, leadership, mentorship, and teaching in UCLA’s Division of Physical Sciences. Award categories and recipients Excellence in Education Award Our students are the academic leaders of the future. This award recognizes a faculty member making a broad impact on classroom inclusivity and demonstrated learning excellence. Through their instruction, this faculty […]

William Newman in APS

William Newman appointed to lead group on climate in the American Physical Society Dr. William Newman has been appointed as Vice Chairman of the American Physical Society’s (APS) Topical Group on the Physics of Climate (TGPC). A professor of earth, planetary, & space sciences, physics & astronomy, and mathematics, Newman will be  promoted to Chair […]

Spotlight: Statistics Program bringing Data Science to High School

Spotlight: Statistics program bringing data science to high schools  In today’s world, data is everywhere. The words big data and machine learning are tossed around with ease, but the basics of these computational skills aren’t a requirement in grade-level school. Not only that, but a major problem in grade-level school is losing students in the […]

Development of new statistical method likely to produce insights into human diseases

Development of new statistical method likely to produce insights into human diseases Jingyi “Jessica” Li’s UCLA research group, the Junction of Statistics and Biology (JSB), developed a new statistical method, called AIDE, to recover full-length sequences of messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules from data generated by the second-generation RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) technology, which in the last […]

Galaxy Collision Creates 'Space Triangle' in New Hubble Image.

Galaxies Collide

Collisions of galaxies are ubiquitous, reports research astronomer R. Michael Rich, whose new survey provides details on outskirts of galaxies Michael Rich, a UCLA research astronomer and adjunct professor of physics and astronomy, University of California, Los Angeles, led an international team of astronomers that has completed the largest survey ever of the faint outskirts […]

International Observe the Moon Night UCLA

[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” admin_preview_bg=”] International Observe the Moon Night October 5, 2019 at UCLA IOTMN 2019 was our best ever, with 700 to 800 attendees coming up to the roof of the Math Sciences building between 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm. Under perfect skies, visitors were able to use six different telescopes to view […]

Stuart Brown

Solving a puzzle of unconventional superconductivity

The phenomenon of superconductivity is one of the most fascinating properties of electrons in solids. At low temperatures, electrons cooperate so strongly that they are able to move around without dissipating energy — behavior which is a clear manifestation of the laws of quantum physics. Physicists understand a great deal about superconductivity, but many questions […]

New Process for Planet Formation

New process helps scientists understand how planets form How the planets in the Solar System formed has long puzzled astrophysicists and planetary scientists. Although it has been agreed that planets grew from coagulation of smaller-sized objects, the details in terms of how, when, and where such accretion processes took place are far from being fully […]

Faculty Spotlight: Kuo-Nan Liou changing the world of climate projection

Kuo-Nan Liou, a distinguished professor in UCLA’s Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, has spent his career conducting this type of forward-thinking and future-focused research. Most recently, Dr. Liou has used science and technology to predict the effects of human interaction with the atmosphere on our global climate. Beginning his academic career as an undergraduate […]

Welcome 2019 New Physical Sciences Faculty

This fall, four new Physical Sciences faculty members will be joining the team of curious pioneers that is the Physical Sciences Division. This includes faculty from physics, statistics, astronomy, and mathematics. The division is excited to welcome these four and had a chance to learn more about a few of them. Anshul Kogar Kogar will […]

2019 Welcome to Physical Sciences new student event

How to Thrive in the Sciences at UCLA and Beyond: An event welcoming new students in the Physical Sciences Are you a freshman or first-year transfer student considering a major in Physical Sciences? Join Dean Miguel García-Garibay, UCLA alumni, faculty, and current students at a welcome event especially for you! How to Thrive in the […]