The Science of Our Lives: Research That Matters During a Pandemic

On May 29, UCLA Physical Sciences presented a free webinar featuring faculty sharing details on a variety of research pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The panel was moderated by Physical Sciences Dean Miguel García-Garibay with the opportunity for viewers to submit questions for the experts to address.


William Gelbart, Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Discussing a combination of therapeutic and preventative COVID-19 vaccines that his group is hard at work on.
The Virus Group at UCLA

Rick Schoenberg, Professor, Statistics
Discussing developments in the statistical modeling of infectious diseases, especially models helping to forecast the spread of COVID-19.
Prof. Schoenberg’s web page

Suzanne Paulson, Professor, Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
Discussing air pollution and air quality in L.A. during the pandemic, in particular how aerosol particles and droplets move in the environment, and how masks and filters work.
Prof. Paulson’s web page