Ferdinand Coroniti

Ferdinand Coroniti

Associate Dean for Academic Personnel


3-919 Physics & Astronomy Building


The astronomical research interests of Professor Coroniti are in the application of plasma physics and magnetohydrodynamics to astrophysical systems. Recent research areas include the structure of super-relativistic winds, which are emitted by a pulsar magnetosphere, and the interaction of the wind with the surrounding supernova remnant. Dr. Coroniti has had a long-term interest in the structure of accretion disks around supermassive black holes in active galactic nuclei. Recent work concerns the magnetohydro- dynamic interaction of a Kerr black hole with an externally supported, plasma-filled magnetosphere, and the fundamental structure and dynamics of strongly magnetized accretion disks. In space physics, Prof. Coroniti has worked on the plasma dynamics of terrestrial magnetospheres and the magnetospheres of the outer planets. Recent research concerns the hydromagnetic structures of the magnetosphere, the plasma convection dynamics, the process of field reconnection, the excitation of plasma waves, and the physics of magnetospheric substorms.