Andrea Ghez
Professor Andrea Ghez giving a public lecture

From the Possibility to the Certainty of a Supermassive Black Hole

A public talk by Nobel Laureate Andrea Ghez

Ackerman Grand Ballroom

308 Westwood Plaza
319 Kerckhoff Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Curious minds of all ages are invited to join Prof. Andrea Ghez, recipient of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics, for an exciting talk about her work on Monday, October 25, at 4:30 p.m. in the Ackerman Grand Ballroom (308 Westwood Plaza, 319 Kerckhoff Hall, Los Angeles, CA 90024).

This lecture will be accessible to a general audience and is the first Green Family Lecture of 2021, presented by the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics at UCLA.