Division of Physical Sciences

The Carbon Cycle and Solid Earth Connection Redefined

UCLA researchers’ work upends our understanding of the connections between the solid Earth dynamics and the long-term carbon cycle, with implications for the search for life in outer space.

Zvi Bern Elected to National Academy of Sciences

The UCLA professor joins 120 other new members in 2024.

From Africa to the U.S.: Giving back by making math possible

Professor Wilfrid Gangbo finds inspiration in uplifting his fellow Black mathematicians, past and present.

Summer BRIDGE Program Prepares for its Second Year

This program for low-income, first generation, and underrepresented minority students welcomes incoming freshmen to the Division of Physical Sciences.

Creating a new model for heat wave trends

Assistant Professor of Statistics and the Environment Karen McKinnon earned the National Science Foundation’s CAREER award for her work studying the trends in the intensity of extreme heat events.

Transforming Data into Empathy

Statistics and Data Science Helped Me Build a Mental Health app and turn Personal Challenges into a Force for Change

Chemistry, Crystals, and Quantum Science

This landmark research represents a major step in the growth of solid-state chemistry and, in turn, new applications of quantum science research.

How to Study Water on the Moon

UCLA Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences Professor Hao Cao wins grant from NASA to develop new technology for extended use on the lunar surface.

A New Mathematical Modeling to Produce Capillaries

Professor Marcus Roper and recent grad Yujia Qi used zebra fish embryo for their work. Previous models had treated blood as a homogeneous fluid, and could not make any network that contained loops, even one as simple as the zebrafish’s.

‘Your voice matters too’: UCLA’s AJ Addae on the need for young Black scientists in the cosmetics industry

Addae, the child of immigrants from Ghana, and her company have continued to work with a variety of independent and mainstream cosmetics lines to develop products — including brands carried at Sephora and Target.