Seulgi Moon maps bedrock fractures in Gordon Gulch, Colorado.Technique for analyzing bedrock could help builders, planners identify safe building zones

Research by a UCLA geologist and colleagues could give builders and urban planners more detailed information about how susceptible areas are to landslides and earthquakes...  Read More

Mark Harrison at UCLA.Life on Earth likely started at least 4.1 billion years ago — much earlier than scientists had thought

UCLA geochemists have found evidence that life likely existed on Earth at least 4.1 billion years ago — 300 million years earlier than previous research suggested...  Read More

A rendering of telomerase, showing the enzyme’s various subunits.Scientists produce clearest-ever images of enzyme that plays key roles in aging, cancer

An enzyme called telomerase plays a significant role in aging and most cancers, but until recently many aspects of the enzyme’s structure could not be clearly seen...  Read More

The scientists were able to plot the exact coordinates of nine layers of atoms with a precision of 19 trillionths of a meter.UCLA physicists determine the three-dimensional positions of individual atoms for the first time

toms are the building blocks of all matter on Earth, and the patterns in which they are arranged dictate how strong, conductive or flexible a material will be...  Read More

The researchers conducted tests inside a sophisticated vacuum chamber. An aluminum sphere (center), helped suppress dark energy fields called chameleon fields.UCLA physicist tests theories of dark energy by mimicking the vacuum of space

Besides the atoms that make up our bodies and all of the objects we encounter in everyday life, the universe also contains mysterious dark matter and dark energy. The latter, which causes galaxies to accelerate away from one another...  Read More

Jupiter-like planetJupiter-like planet discovered outside our solar system

A planet 100 light-years away that resembles a young Jupiter has been discovered by an international team of astronomers that includes six UCLA scientists...  Read More

Cherenkov Telescope Array2 UCLA astronomers have key roles in development of world’s largest array of gamma-ray telescopes

UCLA astronomy professors Rene Ong and Vladimir Vassiliev are playing important roles in an international initiative to build the world’s largest and most sensitive high-energy...  Read More

Christopher RussellChristopher Russell testifies before Congress on the Dawn Mission

Professor Christopher Russell of the UCLA Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics testified before Congress on Tuesday, July 28, about his work with NASA’s Dawn Mission...  Read More

Andrea GhezAndrea Ghez to receive Royal Society’s Bakerian Medal

UCLA professor Andrea Ghez will be awarded the 2015 Bakerian Medal, the Royal Society’s premier prize lecture in the physical sciences, the organization announced today...  Read More

Deep Carbon CycleScientists make new estimates of the deep carbon cycle

Over billions of years, the total carbon content of the outer part of the Earth — in its upper mantle, crust, oceans, and atmospheres — has gradually increased, scientists reported this month in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences...  Read More

Solar Energy StorageUCLA chemists devise technology that could transform solar energy storage

The materials in most of today’s residential rooftop solar panels can store energy from the sun for only a few microseconds at a time...  Read More

Miguel Garcia-GariabayMiguel Garcia-Garibay to receive 2015 Faculty-Staff Partnership Award

Miguel Garcia-Garibay, professor and chair of the UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, has been selected to receive the 2015 Faculty-Staff Partnership Award in recognition of his commitment to creating and fostering a collaborative and professional working environment...  Read More

CeresUCLA-led NASA mission provides closest ever look at dwarf planet Ceres

A NASA mission led by UCLA professor Christopher Russell has released new images of the dwarf planet Ceres, the largest asteroid between Mars and Jupiter...  Read More

John MiaoScientist at UCLA’s California NanoSystems Institute reviews the progress of his invention

In 1999, UCLA professor John Miao pioneered a technique called coherent diffractive imaging, or CDI, which allows scientists to re-create the 3D structure of noncrystalline samples or nanocrystals...  Read More

PhotosynthesisPhotosynthesis has unique isotopic signature, UCLA researchers report

Photosynthesis leaves behind a unique calling card in the form of a chemical signature that is spelled out with stable oxygen isotopes, UCLA geochemists reported April 24 in the journal Science...  Read More

DataFestUCLA to host 48-hour DataFest competition April 24-26

More than 200 university undergraduate students will compete in UCLA’s 2015 DataFest competition, which takes place April 24-26 and is sponsored by the American Statistical Association (ASA)...  Read More

Sriram KosuriBiochemist Sriram Kosuri honored as 2015 Searle Scholar

Sriram Kosuri, UCLA assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, today was named a 2015 Searle Scholar, which recognizes 15 exceptional young scientists who have “already demonstrated innovative research and were selected due to their potential for making significant contributions to chemical and biological research,” according to the Searle Scholars program...  Read More

2015 Guggenheim FellowsFour UCLA faculty members named 2015 Guggenheim Fellows

Four UCLA faculty members are among a distinguished group of 175 of scholars, artists and scientists from the United States and Canada to receive 2015 Guggenheim Fellowships...  Read More

Meteorite GalleryTwo large meteorites added to UCLA Meteorite Gallery

The UCLA Meteorite Gallery, California’s largest collection of meteorites, has added two large iron meteorites — and both may be touched by the public. Admission to the gallery is free...  Read More

Hybrid SupercapacitorUCLA scientists create quick-charging hybrid supercapacitors

The dramatic rise of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other personal and portable electronics has brought battery technology to the forefront of electronics research...  Read More