From whence we came-prvMusic, drinks — and earth and space sciences

Thursday, Nov. 15 at Cross Campus,
a venue in Santa Monica
Who said a fun night on the town can’t also be a night of brilliant intellectual stimulation?  Read More

gheztao-prv newimgUCLA professors Andrea Ghez, Terence Tao honored by Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Two internationally renowned UCLA professors — Andrea Ghez, a professor of physics and astronomy, and Terence Tao, a professor of mathematics — have been awarded the Crafoord Prize by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.  Read More

Ian McLean first infrared picture from MOSFIRE-prv'Time machine' will study the early universe

A new scientific instrument, a "time machine" of sorts, built by UCLA astronomers and colleagues, will allow scientists to study the earliest galaxies in the universe, which could never be studied before.  Read More

david jewitt newImgUCLA professor David Jewitt wins prestigious Kavli and Shaw prizes in same week

UCLA's David Jewitt was awarded the 2012 Shaw Prize in astronomy and the 2012 Kavli Prize in astrophysics for his role in the 1993 discovery of the Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune. Each prize comes with a $1 million award.  Read More

New Research on
Dark Matter, Dark Energy

Presented at
Physics Symposium at UCLA

Wednesday–Friday, Feb. 26–28
UCLA's Covel Commons

How the brain makes memories: rhythmically

Now, in a discovery that challenges conventional wisdom on the brain mechanisms of learning, UCLA neuro-physicists have found there is an optimal brain "rhythm," or frequency, for changing synaptic strength.  Read More

Dawn image Oct. 2012 Protoplanet Vesta:
Forever young?

Like a movie star constantly retouching her makeup, the protoplanet Vesta is continually stirring its outermost layer and presenting a young face..
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Three outstanding UCLA scientists win Presidential Early Career Awards

Three exceptional young scientists have been honored with Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers by President Obama. Read More


Lloyd ShapleyLloyd S. Shapley, Economics and Math Professor, Wins Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

Lloyd S. Shapley, a professor emeritus of economics and mathematics at UCLA, has been awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. He shares the award with Harvard University economist Alvin E. Roth..  Read More

Crab Pulsar emits light at highest energies ever detected in a pulsar system, scientists report

"We have found something totally new," said UCLA's Rene Ong, spokesperson for the international VERITAS experiment. "It is astronomy in a completely new light."  Read More

Fighting violent gang crime with math

UCLA mathematicians working with the Los Angeles Police Department to analyze crime patterns have designed a mathematical algorithm to identify street gangs involved in unsolved violent crimes. Read More