UCLA Alumni

The Division of Physical Sciences has over 30,000 alumni world-wide, and their careers span scientific research, academia, industry, and other fields. We welcome our alumni back to campus to participate in  campus-wide events and special events hosted by Dean Garcia-Garibay or the departments. Follow the links below or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about staying connected with UCLA's Division of Physical Sciences.

Connect with Departments

Each Department within the Division of Physical Sciences offers a unique opportunity for alumni to stay connected through newsletters, featured news, and events. Find out how to connect with your department below:

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UCLA Alumni Association

The UCLA Alumni Association offers a broad range of opportunities to connect with alumni and stay involved with UCLA.


UCLA alumni have the opportunity to get involved in the most important student event of the year: department commencements. Watch alumni Anna Fisher, Glen Whitney, and Howard Preston give their 2012 commencement speeches.


Anna Fisher giving the 2012 Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry commencement address
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glen whitneyAddress

Glen Whitney giving the 2012 Department of Mathematics commencement address
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2012PA howardPreston

Howard Preston giving the 2012 Department of Physics & Astronomy commencement address
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